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Why Use This Site

General Usage:

  1. What do you mean by home owners?
    We serve those who have any type of home improvement need. Our site is designed to immediately connect anyone to all of the contractors and businesses in their area that they are looking for.
  2. Is it really 100% free?
    Absolutely. Home Owners are never charged in any way for using the site. There are no hidden costs or catches. It is always completely free.
  3. How can you pay for this website then?
    Simple. Companies are charged a nominal fee for leads that we give them. This allows us to provide a completely free service to customers, and also to create a competitive market which benefits everyone.


  1. Will it take long to register?
    No! We have made the registration as quick and simple as possible. Just enter some basic information, including your email address, and companies will be replying to you in no time.
  2. How do I register?
    Simply click on the Register link along the top-bar and then the Customer link. Fill out all the required information, read the terms of use, then click the Register button at the bottom of the page. You will then immediately be sent a confirmation email.
  3. How do I confirm my email?
    Check your email for the confirmation email. Click on the link provided, or copy and paste it into your browser, and your registration will be complete!

Submitting A Job:

  1. How do I submit a Job?
    Once you have registered, log into the site by entering your username and password. Click on the Request Bid side-bar tab. Fill out the quick form with the basic information about your job. Read the terms of use and then submit the job
  2. What happens once I submit a Job?
    Sit back and relax! As soon as you submit a job, we will instantly notify all of the companies in your area that fit your job description. They will log onto the site and view the information about your job. They will then contact you in whatever way you prefer to discuss the job or perhaps set up a time to come and see exactly what needs to be done. Finally, the companies will submit a bid or estimate online that will instantly show up in your bid page.
  3. How does the site determine what companies to contact?
    When you submit a job, you tell us what your job is, where your job site is located, and your company preferences such as licensing, how many companies you want contacted, and what type of bids or estimates you want(free, paid, or none). We use this information to notify all of the companies that meet your criteria. With one simple form we will save you hours of phone calls.
  4. So you are telling me that I can contact ALL the companies I want with ONE form?
    That is correct! After you fill out the bid request form, make sure you select the All option for the number of companies you want us to contact. We will then contact every company in your area that fits the criteria you specified.

The Bid Page :

  1. What is the bid page?
    On this page you can manage all of the bids and estimates that companies make for your job. Click on the company links to see their contact information, company profiles, and also customer reviews. You can personally contact a company or request a bid from them if they have not yet done so. And finally, choose the company you want!
  2. How do I accept a bid or estimate from a company?
    On the bid page, simply click the circle next to the company whose bid or estimate you want to accept, and then click the Accept button. This will instantly notify all of the companies that we contacted that you have chosen a company. The company you choose will then contact you to make all necessary arrangements.
  3. How come I do not see any companies for my job request?
    Companies are notified of your job request instantly as soon as you submit it. But companies will not show up under your job request until after they confirm their interest in your job. So at first you will not see any companies. But check back often because as soon as each company confirms their interest, they will immediately become visible to you!
  4. Why do you let companies give bids or estimates if they charge for them?
    It's Simple. We want you to get the best possible price for your home improvement need. By allowing companies who don't give free bids or free estimates to join, we are giving you more options. Of course, if you only want free bids or estimates, then choose that in your job request. If you choose to receive paid bids or estimates, then you will need to determine price and payment with the companies outside of this site. You must settle the bid price directly with the company on your own according to the specific company's procedures.

Why Use This Site :

  1. Why should I use this site if I can just open a phonebook and call myself?
    Because with one completely free and quick form you can contact every company that you might be interested in. In less than the time it takes to dig your phonebook out of the closet, flip through it to find the right section, and call one company that looks promising, you could fill out the simple form and contact every company that fits your criteria. Beat that with your phonebook.
  2. How can I be sure that I will get a competitive price?
    Every company that bids knows that they are bidding against others. They know when they are underbid, and they do not want to lose your business. If you call a company from a phonebook, they know that they are probably only competing against the handful of other companies that the average person might contact. But with this site, every company knows that they will be bidding against all of the other companies in the area. The competition is instantly stiffened, and the customer reaps the benefits.
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