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  1. Can I register my company?
    All home improvement companies and businesses are welcome.
  2. What areas do you currently serve?
    We are continually expanding our coverage area. To see a list of current service areas, click here. If you do not do business within these states, check back often as we expand our reach in the coming months.
  3. I don't offer bids, but I do offer estimates. Can I join?
    Absolutely! All types of companies can join. Just choose the correct option when you register.


  1. How much does it cost to register?
    There is no registration fee and no credit card is required to join.
  2. How much does it cost per lead?
    For every lead you choose to accept, you will have to pay a small fee. Depending on the job type and specific project, the exact fee amount varies. Generally, the average lead fee ranges from $2 to $30 dollars. A more complete breakdown can be found here. At this price, even if it takes dozens of leads before you win one, it would be well worth it.
  3. Can I see the job descriptions before I pay the lead fee?
    Of course. Unlike other forms of advertisement, we let you choose whether or not you want a lead. You can view all of the job information except for the contact information before you pay. If it doesn't seem like a good lead, then choose to decline it and pay nothing. But if it seems like a job you would like to do, then accept it and pay the small lead fee. You will then be able to view all contact information and start bidding on it immediately.
  4. Are there any hidden costs?
    None. Zero. We hate hidden costs ourselves, so why subject you to them? We will never charge you for anything except a lead fee. And you choose when you want to accept leads. If you never find any leads that interest you, then you never pay a cent!
  5. Is the payment method secure?
    Absolutely. We do not require, and hence do not store credit card information on our site. We will never ask for it. For security and ease, we use PayPal. When it comes time to pay the lead fee, we will route you to PayPal where you will be able to use your pre-existing account, create a new free account, or pay without an account.


  1. Will it take long to register?
    No. We have made the registration as quick and simple as possible. Just enter some basic contact information, including your email address, for your company. Then enter your job type coverage, bid and estimate information, the areas you serve, and a couple other fields. We will use most of these fields to send you the leads that you want. In no time you will be registered and will begin receiving bid requests immediately!
  2. How do I register?
    Simply click on the Register tab on the top-bar and then the Company link. Fill out all the required information, read the terms of use, then click the Register button at the bottom of the page. You will then immediately be sent a confirmation email.
  3. How do I confirm my email?
    Check your email for the confirmation email. Click on the link provided, or copy and paste it into your browser, and your registration will be complete.
  4. Why do you not list my state or county I do business in?
    We are continually expanding to serve more areas. We cannot serve all areas at once because in order to get customers to use the site, we need to focus our advertising efforts. But we continue to expand daily, so if your state or county is not listed, check back often.

Receiving Bid Requests:

  1. What is a bid request?
    A bid request is a home improvement job submitted by a customer. It includes a detailed description of the type of work needed as well as specifics concerning the job.
  2. How do I receive bid requests?
    Sit back and relax! As soon as you are registered, you will start receiving bid requests automatically whenever a job is submitted that matches your profile.
  3. How are bid requests matched to me?
    We match bid requests to your company using the following search fields: Job Type, Job Address, License Preference, and Bid Type. The Job Type matches bids based on what type of job they are (painting, roofing, etc.) The Job Address makes sure that the job is within the county that you specify you are willing to serve. The License Preference allows customers to choose you based on whether you are licensed or not. And finally the Bid Type chooses you based on what types of bids and/or estimates you provide. Using these search fields, we make sure we send you only the jobs that will be of most interest to you.
  4. What do I do once I receive a bid request?
    Read the description and choose to accept the bid if it is a job that you would like to do. We let you view many fields of the bid request to help you determine if you would like to bid on the job or not. If it interests you, then click the PayPal Pay Now button to pay your lead fee. If you are not interested, choose the Decline Bid Request option instead.

Accepting Bid Requests:

  1. How do I accept bid requests?
    On the view bids page, you will be able to view all of your possible leads. Once you have read the description and decided that the job is right for you, then simply click the PayPal Pay Now button.
  2. How much will I be charged for accepting a bid request?
    For every bid request that you accept, you will be charged a very small referral fee. The referral fees range from $2 to $30USD depending on the job type and specific project. This is a steal since not only is it a direct lead, but you have the choice over which direct leads you want to pursue. We let you see the job description before-hand! Other advertisement methods cost thousands of dollars with no guarantee of any direct leads, let alone jobs you may be interested in. Not so here. Here, you pay as you go. If you have more work than you can handle, don't accept any bids for awhile. We are putting the power of advertisement and leads into your hands
  3. How do I pay my lead fee?
    You will be taken to a secure and trusted PayPal site. You can use a pre-existing account, create a new free account, or even pay without an account. Then you will be charged for the nominal lead fee dependent on the job type. As soon as you pay, you will have full access to the bid request and be able to view all of the contact information of the customer.
  4. Is it secure?
    Absolutely. PayPal is one of the most trusted and secure payment methods on the internet. We chose to go with them to protect your personal information.
  5. What happens once I accept and pay the lead fee?
    As soon as you accept and pay the lead fee, you will have full access to the bid request. This includes all of the contact information of the customer so you can get in direct contact with them.

Bidding On A Job:

  1. How do I place a bid on a job?
    Once you have accepted a lead, you can place a bid on a job. To do this, first go to the View Bids page. Select a job from the Active Leads section. Simply enter your bid or estimate and submit it. Your bid will instantly we submitted to the customer for review.
  2. What if I need to know more information than given in the bid request?
    Many bids may require you to go onsite to see the job yourself, or you may just need more information from the customer. Simply contact the customer using the specified contact preference. They will be expecting to hear from you! Once you have all of the information you need, place your bid on the View Bids page.
  3. How will I know if the customer accepts my bid?
    You will be sent an email once the customer chooses a bid. You will either be notified that you have won the bid, or that the customer has chosen to go with another company. You may also decide in person directly with the customer.
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